The Street Food standard will be based on street foods that are sold in food trucks or markets and the students will have to see what they can do to make that dish healthier/better. The students will look for cultural dishes that they will make and use as a trial for their actual assessment at the end of the topic. For the actual assessment, the students will have to create a dish and sell it to other students using their customer service skills previously taught. They will have to think about the allergies that is in their dish and think of a way to let the customers know of this information.

The money that they will get from selling their dishes will go towards charity helping with breast cancer.

food The students have to think of a way to package their dishes. They're goal is to make a profit so using equipment that aren't expensive will be helpful. Like this example of a dish served on a stick, which doesn't cost much and also helps customers walk and eat at the same time. This is an advantage because most students are very active and like to walk while they eat.

food The photo to the right are spring rolls (of the Asian culture). The packaging on this is good because it isn't messy and the customers don't need to sit to eat.

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